Style Spotter

Many of my followers tend to ask me questions on Tumblr on where I like to shop, what to shop for at the mall, what my spring essentials are, and what I would wear on certain occasions. Style Spotter is this really fun app where you can use on the web or on your iPad. You search and add items into collections, some of mines are Coachella Ready, Spring Fling, and Trip To Paradise. In each collection, I have my favorite clothing pieces and it allows me to refer back to these as an inspiration for when I go shopping or what I would wear for a certain occasion.

You can purchase from the site, browse through other bloggers collections and favorites, and even create your own! It’s fun and relaxing! You shop and browse through different brands effortlessly. Here are some sneak peaks of what I have on my Style Spotter!

If you haven’t already! Style Spotter if giving away a $100 gift card to LuLus.com! All you have to do is repost this image on Instagram, and follow @stylespotterapp and hashtag #StyleSpotterInstaWin Winner announced 4/14, Good luck!

Visit my profile at http://www.stylespotter.com/Hilisaa!



Came back home to the bay area, and didn’t expect to purchase these items at all! I never spoil myself to this extent.. but lets say after this, I will be eating cup noodles for dinner every night. lol! <3